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Preparing Your Roof For The Fall And Winter Seasons

The fall and winter can be magical, beautiful seasons, but they can reap havoc on your roof, if you are not properly prepared. Bronx NY roofers will tell you that most roofing problems arise during the fall and winter seasons and this is why it pays to make sure that you take the proper steps to insure the integrity of your roof. Between the fall and the first freeze there are several different steps that any homeowner can take to prepare their roof for the long winter months ahead. You will learn about these below.

Cleaning The Gutters

If you live in an area with a high tree population, you are probably already aware of the damage that leaves and limbs can do to the roof and gutter system. When debris and leaves collect in the gutters it can lead to clogs in the downspouts. This will stop your gutters from functioning properly and when it rains the rainwater will overflow from the gutters, which will result in damage to the roof, siding, and trim. With the added weight of the wet leaves and heavy limbs, this could eventually cause the gutter to pull away from the side of the home and fall.

However, don’t worry, because all of this can be avoided with a simple seasonal gutter cleaning. You can also even go as far as to have gutter guards and screens installed to prevent the building up of leaves and limbs.

Cleaning Debris Off The Roof

While keeping your gutter clear and free is important keeping your roof’s surface free of debris is just as important. Even the smallest bit of debris on the roof can build moisture, which will eventually lead to molding and rotting of the roofing materials. If you are comfortable enough with getting on the roof, you can simply get on the roof and sweep or blow off all the debris. All Bronx NY roofers will tell you to pay special attention to the valleys, because they are most vulnerable to damage. Water flows down these areas, so it is imperative that they are free and clear, otherwise, water will just build up and sit in the valley.

In most environments, it is even a good ideal to treat the roof for moss and algae. Once this fungus starts to build on the roof it can cause the shingles to pop up out of place and form gaps, which will later lead to leaks.

Proper Attic Insulation And Ventilation

Maintaining the outside of the roof is important to ensuring its integrity, but you also need to take the proper steps in the attic as well. If your attic does not have the proper ventilation and insulation you could be looking at higher energy bills and compromising the roof’s support. During the daylight hours, when sunlight hits the roof it causes the air in the attic to heat up. Without the proper vents and insulation this hot air can condensate just like a soda can, which leads to moisture damage and mold.

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