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Tips To Keep Your Roof In Top Condition Throughout The Years

Your roof takes care of you and your family, so it only makes sense to take a few minutes every couple of months to make sure that you take care of it. Roofing repairs and replacement can be expensive, so why not take all the preventive steps that you can to make sure it lasts as long as possible? Just imagine if you had to live in a home without a roof. You would be greatly exposed to all the elements of the weather and this would not be very enjoyable. Roofing contractors in Bronx NY will tell you that inspecting your roofing system can help identify problems that need to be repaired and also prevent costly repairs that you might run into later down the road.

Below, you will learn about some key tips and information that you need to be aware of when inspecting your roof.

Always Practice Safety

If you are going to inspect your roof yourself, you need to make sure that you take the proper safety precautions. Not all parts of the roof are visible from just standing on a ladder and you might even have to climb upon the roof to properly inspect every inch of the roof. Always make sure that you are using the appropriate sized ladder to access the roof, and having someone hold the ladder while you ascend it is a good idea. It also helps to make sure that person stays at the bottom of the ladder, so they can support it, when you climb down.

This is also handy in the event that you have an accident. Never go upon your roof by yourself, because if you get hurt and no one is around, you might be stuck lying on the ground for hours, before someone finds you.

What To Look For

Now, that you know the proper safety precautions to take, it will be time to inspect the roof itself. While you are on the roof you want to look for missing, damaged, or curled shingles. These are all signs that shingles need to be replaced. It is a fairly easy and inexpensive process to replace a few shingles, as compared to replacing a whole roof or dealing with the damage that can arise from not repairing these shingles. While on the roof, you also want to look for signs of moss and algae. If you see signs of moss and algae, you want to install lead or zinc control strips, because this fungus can do major damage to your roof.

Roofing contractors in Bronx NY offer these types of products or you can purchase them at your local hardware store. While on the roof you also want to inspect the flashing around the chimney and vents. If the flashing is cracked and looks old you might need to replace. However, there are some cases in which you can just reseal around it. Be sure to remove all the old caulking and scrub the areas clean, before resealing them.

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