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Windows are a crucial part of any home. Not only do windows allow natural light and beauty into the home, but they can actually add appeal to the home. Windows are a big selling point. This is especially true if those windows are installed by professionals. Our window installation service in Bronx NY company has been installing windows for several years. We are licensed and insured and all of our jobs come with guarantees. Not only this, but we are capable of handling a number of different window systems. Here is a list of the most common types of window installations that we perform in the Bronx area.

Awning Window Systems

Awning windows are always a go-to favorite for our customers. And, this is because that offer that desired awning look and feel. The windows feature a single sash that is hinged at the top. There is also a crank located at the bottom of the setup so that when the window is cranked open it will appear as an awning. This is also a good option when you want to open the windows on a rainy day without worrying about rain getting into the home.

Basement Window Systems

Our basement window systems are perfect for lower levels of the home where the window is going to be even with the outside ground. These windows feature a latch at the top and hinges at the bottom. The setup allows the windows to open inward, rather than outward. Combine this with the weather-resistant seal and it should be easy to see why homeowners are opting for these windows.

Bay Window Systems

Bay windows are a real beauty and offer a look that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve. And, this is because they protrude from the home. These setups usually feature a combination of windows that are arranged in a manner to create an arch that extends from the side of the home.

Bow Window Systems

Bow window systems are somewhat similar to that of bay windows, but they are without a doubt still a favorite amongst our customer base. When properly installed this window system will protrude from the side of the home with elegance, which makes them a perfect option for any room-conscious homeowner. These systems usually feature three or more successive windows units that are arranged in a manner to create a gentle curve.

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Casement Window Systems

Casement windows also feature a crank like some of the other designs on the list. However, this crank will be opening these windows in a different manner. It will be opening the outward. These systems provide beautiful viewing pleasure along with weather-tight seals and are overall complimented by their easy to use design.

Double-Hung Window Systems

Double-hung window systems are a bit different than some of the others mentioned here. And, this is because they feature two mobile sashes that can move up or down. This gives the homeowner the ability to actually lean the window when opening it. In addition to this, the lean feature will give you access to the exterior of the window, so you can keep it clean and clear for the upcoming years.

Garden Box Window Systems

If you are an indoor grower or just love the natural feel of sunlight on your skin, you will not be able to go wrong with the garden box windows. These windows are designed and manufactured with properties that make them perfect for in-home greenhouses. These setups usually feature a middle picture window with two casements on the sides, complemented with a glass roof.

Picture Window Systems

Picture windows are really different, but before you just write them off, you need to understand that they also come along with a number of benefits. Picture windows are fixed units, which means they cannot be opened and closed. These windows will be sealed at all times, but will still allow plenty of natural beauty and sunlight into the home.

Slider Window Systems

The slider system is another one that features two mobile sashes. These sashes can move to the left or right and can be removed even easier for quick cleaning purposes. These windows are a popular go-to because they are easy to clean and operate. This also makes them perfect for hard to reach places.


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